Ian Purkayastha

Ian Purkayastha

Founder of Regalis Foods

I started selling truffles when I was 15 out of personal intrigue and fascination for wild mushrooms in rural Arkansas. Flash forward 12 years and the most difficult aspect through the years has been the lack of a handbook. There’s never been a right or wrong way of doing things. Every day I’m learning and refining and hopefully not repeating prior mistakes.

I knew I wanted to be in this industry from the moment I tasted my first truffle at 15. I had never tasted anything as mysterious and earthy or complex, and I knew I needed more. It became an addiction.
I have found that time management is essential to maintaining a healthy work/life balance in this industry.
My biggest piece of advice to fledgling entrepreneurs is to embrace your hobby’s and eccentricities and fully immerse yourself with your passions and interests. Do not be afraid of failure. Be kind, and realize that your strongest asset is your name and reputation. Do not tarnish it.
I’m always on the hunt for new and interesting foods. I’m a bit obsessed with the pursuit of unearthing ingredients and the exploration of the subcultures of those at the source. It would not be possible without my incredible partners at Regalis and our integral team of employees.
When hiring I look for professionals who have a strong work ethic and a sincere and straightforward attitude. It also helps to have an obsession with ingredients.
I’m an avid reader and researcher. Whenever I find a new interesting ingredient or food I obsessively research and immerse myself to learn everything that I can.
In the past, when the company was small, I learned best from the mistakes I made; they gave me an understanding of the steps to follow the second time around. However, as we have grown, learning this way isn't the most effective. Fortunately, I now have business partners and an incredible team who I can turn to for advice and help me avoid these time-consuming learning moments.
I am very excited by the trend towards new and renewable seafood. We have had amazing success with the launch of our live exotic seafood and now carry close to a dozen varieties of wild crustacean.

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