Eric Bost

Eric Bost

Eric Bost, Executive Chef at Jeune et Jolie in Carlsbad, CA, shares his career timeline and words of advice for up-and-coming professionals.

It’s important to take a step back and figure out what quality means for you. The pursuit of quality is paramount if you want to build something that will stand the test of time and that will give you a sense of accomplishment and peace. Our profession is hard work, but opportunity comes for those who search it out, and therefore continually pushing for improvement and growth is fundamental for evolution.

Facing adversity and challenges can change you for the best. Don’t let it hold you back, use it for your own benefit and grow from it. Don’t be afraid to take risks, but try to fully understand the consequences.
When I moved to France, I cold-called most of the 3-Michelin starred chefs in Paris to land a foot in the door. I had mapped out my introduction and potential responses, letting them know that I spoke a bit of French and was very interested in training with them. It took quite a few calls and a persistent determination, but I finally was able to make it happen. I came with answers ready, and this was the key to finding a team that would commit to taking me on. Getting myself to Paris was the opportunity that pushed my career forward.
I devote time to personal interests outside of my career – my family above all, music, art, architecture, design, and photography. It helps me to stay creative and can be a great source of inspiration. Also, having a family life with a partner that is interested in your business helps. My wife and son are always staying very busy, so mostly I just try to keep up.
When hiring, we look for clear communicators, compatible personalities, detail-oriented minds and a person’s desire to work with us for the right reasons. We gravitate towards individuals who have experience, knowledge, and skills that will contribute to the team, want to be part of the discussion and positively impact our restaurant and community. Taking ownership, commitment, and loyalty are also very important to ensure the success of the team.
It’s important to be thoughtful and always be looking for how to improve and expand your knowledge about the profession and the world. Having grit is also essential in this business; it is passion and perseverance for long-term and meaningful goals.
My goal is to create a positive and collaborative environment where everyone on the team takes ownership beyond their position, nurturing contribution and sharing around anything they feel passionate about. Extensive cross training, informative discussions, and even family meal are opportunities to spark ideas, discuss the menu, stimulate, and energize the team; their feedback is essential to me. We’re building Auburn’s culture and team dynamic in these early months. It is an exhilarating time, which will set the tone and foundation for us to grow in the future.
I continue to work every day on expanding knowledge beyond simply my field of expertise. Over the years, I have progressively expanded my center of interest and understanding of all components of the restaurant - the food of course, but also the conceptual design, the style, and steps of service, the furniture, fixtures, technology, systems, and community relationships. It certainly keeps things exciting and opens new horizons. Cooking and hospitality are both crafts that are highly creative and continually energizing.
I find inspiration talking with my team, at the market, in nature, in solitude, while traveling and while reading. The last one is fundamental to me. I am always researching, reading articles, cookbooks, and old notes that I’ve taken over the years.
Reading is fundamental, as well as staying connected to others in the industry. It’s beneficial to keep in touch with what is going on throughout the rest of the world, whether that’s culinary or current events. You need to try to understand the world and try to understand others.
I couldn’t do this job without my team; it is not an individual effort.

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Executive Chef/Owner
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Restaurants of Chef Thomas Keller

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Talula's Table, Talula's Garden, Talula's Daily, The Love

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Director of Sales & Marketing
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F&B Senior Director
21c Museum Hotels

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Co-Owner and Wine Director
A16 and SPQR

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Do Right Distribution LLC

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Executive Chef
Target Field, Delaware North

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Executive Chef
Fiola Mare

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Chief Operating Officer
Metropolitan Hospitality Group

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Co-Founder and Partner

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Co-Owner, Co-Host
Tilit NYC, Opening Soon Podcast

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Ben Puchowitz
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Cheu Noodle Bar, Bing Bing Dim Sum, Cheu Fishtown

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Director Of Operations
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Executive Chef

Kenneth Foland
Executive Sous Chef
Busch Stadium, Delaware North Sportservice

Matt Garland
Chef de Cuisine
Eastern Standard

Brooks Reitz
Founder and Partner
Jack Rudy Cocktail Co., Leon's Oyster Bar, & Little Jack's Tavern, Melfi's, & Monza Pizza Bar

Helen Johannesen
Partner and Beverage Director
Helen's Wines and Jon & Vinny's

Will Costello
Master Sommelier and Estates Ambassador
Bien Nacido and Solomon Hills Estates

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Bar Director and Partner
The Sylvester, Beaker & Gray

Gretchen Richer
Head of Parent Experience

Rachel DelRocco

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Chef and Owner
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Former Executive Chef
Del Posto

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Chef and Partner
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Beverage Director
Revelator Coffee Company

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Former Executive Chef
232 Bleecker

Belinda Chang

Dan Perretta
Executive Chef
The Aviary

Maneet Chauhan
President and Founding Partner
Morph Hospitality

Ken Oringer
Chef and Managing Partner
JK Food Group and Uni Boston

Craig Richards
Lyla Lila

Nancy Cushman
Co-Owner and Founder
Cushman Concepts

José Mendin
Chef and Owner
The Pubbelly Group

Jeni Britton Bauer
Founder and Chief Creative Officer
Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Stephanie Castellucci
General Manager and Owner
Castellucci Restaurant Group

Nelson Daquip
Wine and Spirits Director
Canlis Restaurant

Zachary Engel
Owner and Head Chef

James Zoller
Kitchen manager
Easy Tiger

Mike Solomonov
Chef / Partner
Cook N Solo Restaurants

Marie Petulla
Director Of Operations
Trejo's Tacos

Mike Wadja
Senior Executive Chef
Logic Everyday

Angel Postell

Kelly Fields
Chef and Owner
Willa Jean

Andrea Borgen
Former Owner and General Manager

Alexander Burger
Executive Chef
The Amsterdam

Sam Kim
Former Executive Chef
1789 Restaurant

Ben Steigers
Executive Chef

Sarah Simmons
Chef and Owner
CITY GRIT Hospitality Group, CITY GRIT, Rise Gourmet Goods & Bakeshop, Small Sugar

Kevin Maxey
Vice President of Tex-Mex
Rocket Farm Restaurants

Jonas Andersen
Business Development Manager
Great Northern Food Hall

Joanne Chang
Chef and Co-Owner
Flour Bakery & Café and Myers+Chang

Jean Luc Royere
Executive Chef
The Post Oak

Sara Fetbroth
Hospitality Consultant

Josh Even
Executive Chef
Tofino Wines

Matthew Ridgway
Executive Chef
Hotel St. Vincent

Tessa Thompson
Executive Recruiter
Amy Falbaum & Associates

Philippe Bertineau
Former Executive Chef
The Polo Bar

Josh Henderson
Chef and Founder
Huxley Wallace Collective

Carmen Quagliata
Vice President of Business Development
Select Restaurants

Morgan Schick
Creative Director
The Bon Vivants and Trick Dog

Drew Belline
Vice President and Culinary Director
Rocket Farm Restaurants

Eddy Leroux
Chef de Cuisine

Dustin Wilson
Master Sommelier and Co-Founder
Verve Wine, Apres Cru Hospitality

Charlotte Voisey
Director of Brand Advocacy
William Grant & Sons USA

Eric Railsback
Partner and Wine Director
Mason Pacific

Nick Anderer
Executive Chef / Partner

Chris Cosentino
Chef and Owner
Cockscomb and Acacia House

Matt Alba
Chef de Cuisine
Ad Hoc

Scott Baird
Founding Partner, Chief Executive Officer
Wunderspirits, Big Little Fish Management, Rococo Cantaloupe

Aggie Chin
Executive Pastry Chef

Ezra Pattek
The Bon Vivants

Robert Andreozzi
Pizza Marvin

Adam Nadel
Executive Chef
Casa Apicii

Brandon Malzahn
Chef & Owner
Pastry Boutique

Michael Paley
Executive Chef
Café No Sé and Central Standard

Dan Snowden
Executive Chef
Bad Hunter

Yehuda Sichel
Chef / Owner

Josh Harris
The Bon Vivants

Rhonda Crosson
Head Baker
Eli's Bread

Christie Dufault
Wine Instructor and Beverage Instructor
Culinary Institute of America at Greystone

Dan Kluger
Chef and Owner
Loring Place and Penny Bridge

Simon King
Former General Manager
The Modern

Alex Seidel
Executive Chef, Proprietor and Farmer
Mercantile dining & provision, Fruition Restaurant and Fruition Farms Dairy & Creamery

Travis Swikard
Chef and Owner
Callie Restaurant

Michael Anthony
Executive Chef / Partner
Gramercy Tavern & Untitled

Wendy Kallergis
President and CEO
Greater Miami Beaches and Hotel Association

Anthony Strong
Former Executive Chef
Delfina Group

Laurent Gras

Angela Neri
Vice President and Owner
Pony Up

Shawn Cirkiel
Executive Chef and Owner
Parkside Projects

Jennifer Carroll
Chef and Owner
Spice Finch

Cynthia Billeaud
Founder and Chief Recruiting Officer

Gunnar Karl Gíslason
Executive Chef and Owner
Systir, Dill, Agern Restaurant

Borys Saciuk
Director of Trade Advocacy
The Bon Vivants

Alessandra Altieri
Corporate Pastry Chef

James Briscione
Executive Chef

Jean François Bruel
Executive Chef

Aniedra Nichols
Executive Chef and Owner
Tammen's Fish Market

Benjamin Murray
Chef de Cuisine
Pao by Paul Qui

Charlie Parker
Executive Chef
Flea Street Cafe

Jamie Bissonnette
Chef / Partner
Toro, Coppa and Little Donkey

Vilma Mazaite
General Manager, Founder/Owner
Donnachadh Family Wine Company, Friends N Family Healthy Salsa

Roxanne Spruance
Executive Chef and Partner
Bedford Post

Gary Obligacion
Director Of Development
The Alinea Group

Matthew McClure
Executive Chef
The Hive

Jeremy Sewall
Chef / Partner
Lineage Restaurant, Island Creek Oyster Bar, Row 34 Fort Point, Row 34 Portsmouth

Jonathan Deutsch
Professor of Culinary Arts and Food Science
Drexel University, Center for Hospitality and Sport Management

Anita Lo
Former Executive Chef / Owner

Bryan Dayton
Proprietor/Beverage Director
Oak at Fourteenth, Acorn, Corrida

Monica Glass
Founder, Chef, Food Editor
Monica Glass LLC, Jomby

Daniel Toral
Ad Lib

Kevin Fink
Emmer & Rye

Kim Floresca
Co-Executive Chef
[ONE] Restaurant

Timothy Hollingsworth
Owner / Chef
Otium and Barrel & Ashes

Anthony Chittum
Executive Chef / Partner
Iron Gate Restaurant

John Ragan
Master Sommelier, Director of Wine and Restaurant Operations
Union Square Hospitality Group

Aaron Bludorn
Executive Chef & Owner

Joseph Yardley
Chef de Cuisine
Agern Restaurant

Chung Chow
Chef de Cuisine / Co-Owner

Vivian Howard
Boiler Room, Benny's Big Time Pizzeria, Chef & The Farmer

Eric Rivera
Former Director of Operations
Huxley Wallace Collective

Jeff Benjamin
Chief Operating Officer & Executive VP
Vetri Cucina & Fitler Club

Anthony Rudolf
Union Square Play

Michaël Engelmann
Beverage Director
WS New York at Hudson Yards

Gavin Kaysen
Executive Chef / Owner
Spoon and Stable & Bellecour

Jonathan Black
Executive Chef
Post Ranch Inn

Erik Desjarlais
Fitswell Apron Company

Abram Bissell
Vice President, Culinary
Sydell Group

Johnny Iuzzini
Culinary Director
ChoLon Restaurant Concepts

Carlton McCoy
Master Sommelier, President and CEO
Heitz Cellar

Pierre Siue
Director Of Operations
The Dinex Group - Chef Daniel Boulud

Melissa Walnock
Lecturing Instructor / Pastry Chef
The Culinary Institute of America

Jeffrey Porter
Learning the Vines Consulting - Hospitality & Beverage Consulting

AJ Schaller
Executive Chef
Cuisine Solutions; CREA

Jason Franey
Executive Chef
Juniper and Ivy

Joe Campanale
Owner and Beverage Director

Erling Wu-Bower
Ripe Fruit, Underscore Hospitality

Sylva Senat
Chef Partner
Senat & Co

Raj Vaidya
Private Wine Consultant
Raji Wine Consulting

Cesar Gutierrez
Private Chef
McAndrews and Forbes Group

Chris Baggetta
Marketing Manager
Moet Hennessy USA

Edouardo Jordan
Chef and Owner
Salare Restaurant and Junebaby

Jillian Rocco
District Manager
Tatte Bakery & Cafe

Kevin Doherty
Executive Chef
Delaware North Companies Sportservice at TD Garden

Graceanne Jordan
Hospitality, Partnerships, and Investments
Milstein Companies

Donald Madia
Owner and Partner
One Off Hospitality Group

Norman Van Aken
Strategic Alliance Partner Chef
Strategic Solution Partners

Lauren Paylor
Owner & Co-Founder
Focus on Health

Jenner Tomaska
Executive Chef and Owner

Peter Kim
Podcast Host & Creator and US Creator Strategy Lead
Food52 and Pinterest

Gerald Ford
Founder & Culinary Director
Legit Concepts

Sarah Webster Norton
Executive Director
Serving Those Serving

Daniel Boulud
Chef Daniel Boulud Restaurants

Ian Goldberg
Boka Restaurant Group

Jonathan Lind
Bar Director
Crown Shy

Rodrigo Rodriguez
Executive General Manager
Quality Meats and Quality Italian

Alison Cates
Executive Pastry Chef
Butcher & Bee Charleston

Mark Lapico
ViP of Culinary Operations
Jean-Georges Managment

Brooke Bobyak
Bella Union