DLynn Proctor

DLynn Proctor

Director of Fantesca Estate & Winery, & Co-Founder of Wine Unify Foundation

I was driven to excel and be the greatest asset for whomever I was working for, partnering with, or teaching. I also continue to learn through the excitement and ardor of others' enthusiasm. It makes me a zealot for wine and cuisine.

I keep my colleagues motivated by always being on my game - Excited, refreshed and full of vigor! I hope my example spills out to all.
I learned early on in my career that ‘you can’, even though you are told “this is not for you” or “you’re too flashy”.
I don’t have a mentor per se. Instead I find myself being a sponge to every professional around me. I watch what other wine professionals do, how they act and interact and how they approach business, education, and marketing. I learn from it and tweak it to fit my approach and style based on my own needs and goals and the ultimate goals of my employer, Penfolds. The best advice is to become an asset.
Be well rounded in your approach to your end goal - Meaning, do it all! I have been fortunate enough to tackle retail, online sales, brokering, fine dining, restaurant management, as well as sales, education, and marketing/PR at the distributor and supplier level.
I am motivated during tough times related to work by getting up the next morning to reveal, translate, and expound on the history of Penfolds. I feel as though I have been there since 1844, in a good way!
Never pause the momentum. Momentum has its name for a reason and it mustn’t be denied. Your momentum will propel you to incomparable heights.
When coaching or mentoring, I instill setting mini-goals, leading to whatever the ultimate goal is at the top of the pyramid. As you win each of these battles, you gain momentum and excitement because of your own personal successes. It invigorates you to continue to climb your ladder. As you have these mini-successes, always go back and test yourself to make sure the conquering was well earned.
I continue to educate myself by attending as many portfolio tastings as possible and partaking in seminars and events covering all styles and regions of wine. I also incorporate podcasts and the good old-fashioned reading of books! -Integral to expanding the knowledge base.
My first foray into wine was looking at a gentleman serving guests in a restaurant. I didn’t know what or who he was. I quickly inquired and set my sights high. Moving forward, my career was majorly impacted by managing multiple states as a Regional Manager under Fred Dame MS, selling Penfolds and Luxury Wines. I wanted to learn and be the best and I've taken the bull by the horns ever since. My mind has also been expanded by several vintage stints in Italy, Napa, and Texas, and now with Chief Winemaker Peter Gago in Adelaide and the Barossa.

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