Dina Samson

Dina Samson

I find inspiration by listening to other people's stories, no matter what they are talking about. I have found you can find moments of hospitality everywhere, moments that can be translated into what I do in our restaurants.

To me, being in the restaurant industry is the most personal career you can have. If you are only giving a part of yourself, it will show in whatever you do. If you are cooking without your heart, your food will be lackluster. If you are serving without a love for service, your guests will reciprocate your behavior. For me, I love that I can see the direct result of my work through our guests and community - a clear reflection of what I have put in. I can't think of any other career where there is that instant gratification from your efforts.
I used to work quickly to get things done and get them off my plate. I've learned to sleep on things so that I can make sure I have given the decision some time to breathe. This way I know I have not acted reactionary or impulsively.
I always look for opportunities for my team members to learn and contribute. I don't like to just ask them to do something for me. I like to explain the reason why we are doing things. This way they are able to inject their own ideas and suggestions and we end up with a better outcome that we can all get behind.
I can't live without my partners; my husband Steve, who is also our chef, and our partner Hans Luttmann, who is my grounding force. I always say we are the perfect trio because we all have different skill sets, personality characteristics yet we abide by the same set of core values.
I've been through a couple of entrepreneurial accelerator classes this past year and have found them so interesting and not just the curriculum. More so, the networking with people has been the most educational. I get to learn of their successes, failures, trials and tribulations. This education has become ongoing because of the relationships we have built.

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