David Patterson

David Patterson

Executive Chef at The Broadmoor Hotel

It takes a great deal of time to master the craft of cooking. It requires practice and years of experience. As a young culinarian, you have to be patient and gain this experiential knowledge before becoming a chef.

The team that I work around each day inspires me. The drive, motivation and professionalism at The Broadmoor is world class. It is contagious and keeps me striving to be a great chef and leader every day.
One of our best examples of how we keep our team motivated is our ACF certified culinary apprenticeship program. We mentor culinarians and get them prepared to be the next generation of great chefs.
Attitude and professionalism are the key ingredients to success.
A chef has to find time to take care of themselves if there is to be any longevity to your career. I wake up very early every morning so that I can have some time to focus on myself. That includes yoga, meditation and walking. If you don’t have that balance in your life, this industry can get the best of you.
I knew this profession was right for me when I was at the University of Kentucky pursuing my BA (in Sociology), I worked in a college pizza shop and fell in love with the pace and everything that went along with it.
Working with Chef Ducasse has had the most impact on my career. His unmatched attention to detail and focus on procuring the very best ingredients has impacted me profoundly.
Align yourself with excellence. As a young cook, my chef told me to work with and for the very best in the industry. It has always stuck with me and was always a part of any career move I made through the years.

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