Carlin Karr

Carlin Karr

Wine and Beverage Director of Frasca Hospitality Group

Each new skillset you master will prepare you for your next opportunity. It’s imperative to take pride in all of the work that you do, the 'wax-on wax-off' kind of mindset.

The most valuable lesson I have learned is that relationships are everything. I am continually learning and growing from those around me. When I first started as a GM and wine buyer in San Francisco, I relied heavily on a handful of incredible mentors, importers, and suppliers who helped me immensely. Later in my career, Bobby Stuckey and Rose Humphreys taught me to master every position you do, whether it's polishing glasses, running food, or bussing tables.
I will be forever grateful for the two jobs I had early in my career at Sons & Daughters and Frasca Food & Wine. Sons & Daughters was the opportunity of a lifetime and put me in the situation to sink or swim, which taught me so many valuable lessons. Moving to Boulder, Colorado, to work at Frasca Food and Wine was the most significant decision of my life and has allowed me to learn from incredible mentors every day and thrive in a growing company.
I am genuinely obsessed with all things wine and restaurant related. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face and a real joy to my heart. I love everything about the wine industry from the people who make it to educating guests and staff. I even love the boring stuff like editing wine lists, the cost of goods sold, unpacking wine boxes, and inventory. There is truly nothing better than food and wine, and I couldn't imagine myself working in any other field.
I feel that it is imperative to hire based on character. I seek out individuals who are humble, honest, curious by nature, ambitious, hardworking, and kind.
There are so many vital skills to possess for a sommelier. Some of the most important are organization, communication, a passion for learning and teaching, a genuine love for wine, math, language, geography, and so many more.
I find inspiration in my team. I work with incredible people and am honored to be able to work with them.
I am continually learning from industry books, wine journalism, travel, and, most importantly, the winemakers.
I couldn't do this job without two things; my husband and my phone. My husband is my number one supporter, fan, and inspiration -- he keeps me going all day, every day. My phone keeps me connected to the hundreds of emails I send and receive each day.
A sommelier should always have an intense pursuit of knowledge, and I don't think there is one book or publication that could be described as essential. We have a responsibility to our customers to know what we are talking about.

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