Brooke Bobyak

Brooke Bobyak

Put in the work, learn the craft at every stage, and always ask questions. The more you know and the harder you work, the more you can grow and achieve your goals!

My first couple of experiences in the industry were fun and memorable and I enjoyed them thoroughly. However, it wasn’t until my time at Jordan (my third harvest!) where I really felt like this profession was right for me. At the start of the harvest season, I worked the early morning shift when the Chardonnay grapes arrived at the winery, after they had been night-harvested. Sometimes I would report to the winery well before the sunrise, around 3 or 4 AM, and I didn’t mind it because I enjoyed working there so much and was so excited to learn and be a part of all the excitement that surrounds the harvest season! I was included at important tastings, encouraged to ask questions, and asked for advice…and I still keep in touch. Having the feeling of being part of an amazing team making great wines was very rewarding and after that I knew that this was the industry for me.
I find inspiration by tasting fun and exciting wines from places all over the world, sometimes from unexpected places.
Winemaking is both very technical based yet also intuitive, so the ability to think on your feet, to problem solve, and to always see the big picture are the most important skills to possess.
The challenge and pursuit of making the best wine possible from high-quality vineyards is what inspires me to continue to work and excel in this industry. Each year is different and constantly presents something new and forces me to always be on my toes. Each vintage is a time capsule of a unique year, and I get to create wines for people to enjoy.
When hiring, what I look for is someone with a positive, can-do attitude, a team-player and eager to learn. Winemaking can be hard and meticulous work, but a positive attitude and willingness to put in the work and get your hands dirty goes a long way and the rest falls into place.
A piece of advice that I've kept with me throughout my career is to be curious and always ask why.

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