Brandon Malzahn

Brandon Malzahn

Chef & Owner of Pastry Boutique

I'm inspired by the continual growth and diversity the industry has to offer. I have worked in large format hotels, which is how I developed my foundation of knowledge on operations.

I believe in learning, and teaching my team new techniques, which can make an ordinary dish evolve into something extraordinary.
I am truly privileged and grateful to work with a great team, who have afforded me to accomplish my goals and aspirations.
Throughout my career, I have learned how to make proper decisions in order to solve any difficulties or challenges that may arise. I spend a lot of time with each team member, so they have a deep understanding how and why things work.
When hiring, I look at the person's attitude and their willingness to learn and work together as a team. Collaboration between the entire team is what makes us stronger. Organization, sense of urgency, and a passion for excellence are the top three qualities I look for.
I always read on my days off, since it's very important to separate time to improve myself. I find that reading is the best way to get inspired and continually learn different techniques. I always say to myself, now that my team created a great dish that is balanced, let's take it apart and make it even better. I’m a big believer in attending seminars and meeting other great Chef's, where we can exchange ideas and understand things from a different perspective. One should never stop learning.
I will always remember my first Executive Chef who insisted upon having a plan for yourself everyday and to be determined to complete the task at hand. If we accomplish more than anticipated, you continue to drive intensity to make the day very efficient.
I cannot live without my thermometer. In pastry, there are so many applications that are very tedious and temperature sensitive.
I read a lot of books on theory and technique instead of reading recipes. I feel I get the most out of them. I like to understand the ratios of formulas and why we use certain items in specific amounts.
I strive to be a good leader and always try to be understanding and compassionate of others.
When it comes to education, I challenge the team with questions so they have a sense of ownership and keep the environment constantly changing. I lead my team for their continued education and to make them tomorrow’s leaders. I try to inspire and involve my team in the daily process. We talk about specific ingredients from the farm and the best utilization for the product, which gives us the chance to derive inspiration from the product.

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