Alain Verzeroli

Alain Verzeroli

Culinary Director at The Bastion Collection

Throughout my career, I've learned that every day you are still learning! Improving yourself as a leader is as important as improving your skills. And finally, being humble and willing to learn from different culinary cultures is key to leading a successful kitchen and career.

My past mentors have taught me that there is always room for improvement, to continue to look for the best ingredients and that it is crucial to listen closely to the comments of your guests.
I had a "revelation" after my first experience in a fine dining restaurant in Paris at the age of 18. From that moment, I decided to quit my studies in Economics to join a cooking school to pursue the passion that was sparked in me.
Teamwork is the first impression you get when you walk into our kitchen each night. After that, I would describe our kitchen as controlled, focused, and quiet….but with passion.
It is precious to make sure you take some time for yourself in this industry. Practice sports or find a hobby that is not linked to the industry. For me, the time I devote to Art, Design, Photography, Sumi-e (Japanese calligraphy), Yoga, Running, reading is very important.
When hiring aspiring professionals, I like to see respect for the ingredients and people who really show that they enjoy working as a team.
The most important skill to possess in this industry is leadership. To succeed you need to have a clear and strong vision and share it with your team.
I keep my team inspired and motivated by always challenging myself and never settling. I am always fine-tuning dishes and sharing the knowledge and experiences that I have learned with my team.
My team continues to inspire me and pushes me to excel. I enjoy helping them to build a strong network together and seeing them grow.
I find inspiration in Art, Design, and traveling.
Reading and travelling are the best ways to continue to educate yourself, and of course being open-minded and willing to challenge yourself.
I'm excited by "Nordic" cuisine. It seems to be an amazing approach to terroir, sustainability, true to the culture but at the same time looking forward.

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