Natalia Bogdanova

Owner/Executive Chef

Location 15h@2xFalls Church, VA

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Work Experience
  • Owner/Executive Chef
    Aug. 2007 to Present (10 years)

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    Role & Tasks:

    Manage the corporation, oversaw all kitchen and food operations, assist in managing others
    in corporation, including opening a new facility;
    • Negotiate with vendors on food supplies;
    • Develop wine list and menu;
    • Supervise catering for events accommodating up to 200 people;
    • Conduct budgeting, marketing and financial/cost analyses;
    • Achieve optimum food service operating costs for the corporation at a critical juncture:
    Keep restaurant food costs at 25.5% versus industry standard of 32-34%;
    Maintained whole staff labor costs at 26% versus industry standard of 30%;
    • Perform financial analysis and coordinate business operations for the corporation to run as profitably as possible and fuel its future growth

  • Executive Chef
    Farrah OliviaArlington, VA, US
    Mar. 2002 to Aug. 2005 (3 years and 5 months)

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    Role & Tasks:

    Provided hands-on expertise in areas that included menu planning, cost control and analysis,
    staffing, budgeting, and marketing;
    • Controlled food and operating expenses while enhancing food quality and improving kitchen
    • Attended weekly management meetings and conducted monthly staff meetings;
    • Trained new hires and retrained existing staff on food presentation techniques and wine
    • Revitalized internship program for students from local schools, colleges and universities;
    • Managed dessert production;
    • Performed with ease and efficiency under significant pressure in fast-paced environment

  • Sous Chef
    Nov. 1999 to Feb. 2002 (2 years and 3 months)

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    Role & Tasks:

    Under direction of executive chef, managed kitchen staff and functions that included
    scheduling, menu planning and purchasing assisting chef/owner with ordering, organization
    of kitchen staff, and menu planning;
    • Kept restaurant food costs at 33.5%, in line with industry standard of 34-36%;
    • Assisted in planning, development and construction of a new restaurant;
    • Augmented culinary skills and gained hands-on business experience to advance professional
    career in culinary arts and hospitality;

  • Certified Food Safety Manager
    Institute of Culinary
    Jan. 2005 to Jan. 2007

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    Bachelors in Culinary Arts Degree


    & SKILLS

    INSTITUTE OF CULINARY, Caracas, Venezuela
    Bachelors in Culinary Arts, 2005-2007
    Specialization: Caribbean and Venezuelan Cuisine

    Certified Food Safety Manager


    Computer proficiencies include: MS Word, Excel, Outlook Express, ACT, Key Gourmet, and Eventmaster. Fluent in English and Spanish.

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