Mevlud Cukovic

Door man

Location 15h@2xNew York, NY

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Work Experience
  • Door man
    1240 PARK AVENUE
    2012 to 2016 (4 years)

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    Role & Tasks:

    · Manage a building of around 30 families.
    · Enhance guest experience by providing exceptional customer service.
    · Operate building in satisfactory manner by notifying residents if any packages or deliveries arrived.
    · Make tenant accessibility as convenient as possible by keeping the elevator in the lobby.
    · Maintain an appealing image for the building by making sure everything is up to par by preserving a clean lobby and outdoor space. As well as; taking out the trash, stacking newspapers/packages neatly, vacuuming and sweeping.
    · Ensure safety for all tenants by supervising the lobby and monitoring all suspicious activities.
    · Communicating with incoming guests.
    · Reporting any issues within the building to the building superintendent.


Customer service


Albanian Fluent
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