If you are an existing member of the Culinary Agents community who has found success using the site to help you along your career path – whether that be job searching or posting to grow your team – we know it’s hard to keep the good news to yourself!  Now we have an easy way for you to share while getting rewarded at the same time. For every business you refer to join Culinary Agents, you can earn a $30 Amazon Gift Card.


Refer a Business


Here’s how it works:


Invite hiring managers via our referral platform

Invite your colleagues, managers and industry friends!  Anyone involved in the hiring process will benefit from the talent pool of quality candidates and matching algorithm that Culinary Agents provides. Share your unique link* via email, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Get a $30 Amazon Gift Card when a new business posts
its first job or pays for a monthly subscription plan

If a business uses the link you send them to post a job or subscribe to our monthly posting plan, then their transaction will automatically get linked to your profiles (thanks to the magic of cookie technology).
There are a couple caveats for your referral to be eligible for a reward:

  • The referred business must be posting a job opportunity for this first time on Culinary Agents.
  • If the business requests a refund for the transaction linked to your referral, you are no longer eligible for the reward.

Claim your $30 Amazon Gift Card

After 30 days from the receipt of the business’s transaction, you will receive an email notification to claim your reward.  Simply click the link to claim it. You will have 60 days to claim your reward.  If you do not claim the reward within that timeframe, you will forfeit your reward – so make sure to claim it in a timely manner!  You have the potential to earn up to a $1000 in Amazon Gift Cards.

*Cookies must enabled to ensure that you receive the referral reward. Your unique link is attached to a cookie so that we can track your referrals and award you appropriately.  When the business you refer clicks the link, the transaction must be completed within 48 hours.