Whether you are just starting out or want to shift gears after being in the industry for years, non-restaurant career opportunities do exist in hospitality. These roles provide the magic behind the scenes which keep things running smoothly by supporting the team and daily operations of the customer-facing business.  


IT Support

With the ever-growing list of technology solutions now available for restaurants to streamline processes and improve efficiency, the demand for experts who can set up -- as well as troubleshoot -- these systems has also grown.


Accountants play an essential role in the hospitality industry. By reporting and analyzing cash flow as well as handling taxes, they help the various departments make decisions about allocating resources. A good accountant can help a restaurant thrive on even razor thin margins.   

Human Resources

In addition to interviewing, hiring and onboarding, the job of the Human Resources (HR) Department is the management of the front and back of house employees, helping to create a cohesive team and nurture the company culture.

Public Relations and Marketing

Public Relations (PR) and Marketing teams play a vital role in spreading news and essential information about the restaurant and its employees to the public. By leveraging online and offline channels, these teams play a significant role in establishing (and monitoring) a restaurant's persona through brand-building campaigns.

Event Management and Sales

Private dining and event programs are often considered a more predictable revenue source and known for higher average checks, which can positively impact a restaurant's bottom line. In addition to identifying potential local opportunities and developing a network of clients, Event Sales Managers handle all aspects of the event process and can be an excellent opportunities for servers to transition off the FOH floor.

Administrative Support

These entry-level positions are responsible for a variety of administrative duties including managing a Head Chef or Owner's schedules, editing contract templates, data entry, and coordinating payments. Administrative support roles can expose you to the business-side of operating a restaurant and can often lead to other opportunities within a restaurant group.

Legal Counsel

The Legal Counsel helps assess and work to reduce the company's legal, financial and business exposure. Responsibilities can include drafting and negotiating agreements, overseeing license procurement processes, and advising the restaurant on laws and regulations that may impact the business. 


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