Restaurants across the country are trying to find ways to keep their businesses afloat, keep their employees paid, and find new sources of revenue. With a Hashtag (#) and three or four simple words, the industry is uniting and sharing its efforts with the community, bringing awareness to the to-go orders, curbside pick-ups, delivery options, and national movements that this industry has sparked in an effort to survive. Use and follow these Instagram hashtags to stay current and support the industry during this dire situation.


Hashtags for Initiatives to Politcally Support Local Restaurants

#TooSmallToFail - Campaign to urge restaurant customers to call lawmakers and lobby for help on behalf of independent restaurants
#SaveAmericanHospitality - Used by chefs and restaurant owners  who are organizing political efforts
#SaveRestaurants / #RestaurantRecovery - Campaign for restaurant customers to call on Congress to help on behalf of independent restaurants

Hashtags for Providing Assitance and Community Support to Local Restaurants

#ReliefForRestaurants - Used by restaurants and hospitality professionals seeking assistance
#RallyForRestaurants - To help social media users search for restaurants to support
#SupportLocalRestaurants /#SupportLocal /#SupportLocalBusiness - Campaigns to bring awareness to local restaurants and small business

Hashtags for Increasing Awareness of Takeout Meals by Local Restaurants

#TheGreatAmericanTakeout - Campaign to engage the community and increase awareness about the challenges restaurants face by ordering takeout meals on March 24th.
#CarryOut / #OrderIn - Used by restaurants to indicate they are open for takeout orders
#CurbSide / #CurbSidePickup - Used by restaurants to indicate they are for pickup meals, literally at the curb 
#DineLocal - Campaign to encourage the community to keep dining locally
#StillOpen / #WereOpen - Awareness about restaurants who are still open

Have more information to share with the hospitality community? Please email us ([email protected]) as we are continuing to add and update resources as the impact of the pandemic continues to evolve.