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Sous Chef
bad idea
1021 Russell Street, Nashville, TN
bad idea hiring Sous Chef in Nashville, TN

bad idea hiring Sous Chef in Nashville, TN

bad ideaMore Info

Full Time • Salary (Based on Experience)
Expired: May 2, 2024

Sorry, this job expired on May 2, 2024. Below are other jobs that may be of interest to you.

Required Years of Experience

2 years

Job Details
Bad idea is searching for a Head Sous Chef to help oversee daily production and manufacturing of food and service while working closely with Chef Colby Rasavong to delelvop eloving menus. The right candidate must agree to the following standards set below 

  • Develop a proper culture
    • Arrive to work daily with a consistent positive demeanor
    • Have the integrity to hold yourself and others accountable for following proper procedures.
    • “Coaching” team
      • To properly communicate our expectations, it is important to ensure that all team members understand why we have the standards we keep.
      • Be assertive in holding our standards, but also show modesty and empathy.
    • Use positive reinforcement when the opportunity is presented.
    • Provide criticism in a constructive manner.
  • It is important that we are team oriented.
    • Work with each other to achieve results that are greater than those you can achieve alone.
  • Be responsible for keeping our standards and practices
    • Monitor station workbooks to confirm that all staff are properly logging:
      • HAACP logs, including Temperature Logs, Sanitation Logs, Cooler Temperature Logs and Waste Logs.
      • All variance and prep sheets are filled out accurately and provide all information needed.
    • All station notebooks are being filled out appropriately with any changes to the menu and recipes.
  • Follow the correct chain of command.
    • If a staff member needs to be reprimanded in writing, understand that this needs to be communicated to a Chef de Cuisine or Department Lead so that it may come from the proper source.
    • If the issue is with a staff member from another department, then it needs to be brought to the attention of the department head.
  • Monitor all food storage
    • Keep products in “retail fashion”, i.e. straight lines with label facing outward.
    • Check for quality in products we are using such as the “Use by Date” on dairy, vegetable and fruit ripeness
    • Ensuring that the staff is properly consolidating all containers
    • Maintaining FIFO standards throughout the restaurant.
  • Ensure all recipes are being followed precisely.
  • Always remember to taste everything.
    • Taste food as a guest would. It may take more than one taste to understand how the food sits on someone’s palate.
  • If a there is an issue with food quality or consistency, always have the integrity to make the proper decision.
  • Always be thinking and acting with forward momentum. It is important that we grow as a restaurant and you may provide valuable knowledge or ideas on how we may be able to make efficiency and quality grow with us.
  • Responsible for proper purchasing.
    • Make smart decisions involving purchasing based on projected sales/covers and declining budget.
      • If we do not need it, do not buy it.
    • Making sure we are taking inventory of products on hand and only replenishing set pars.
      • “Put your hands-on products”, do not order blindly.
    • Communicate orders in the appropriate book or on the whiteboards so that all items are expected for the next day’s delivery.
    • Check pricing of items when ordering, if the price of a product jumps then we need to be able to identify it and adjust accordingly.
    • If a product is received and is substandard, mark it as such and contact the proper purveyor for credit and pick-up.
  • Develop proper plans for the usage of food waste.
    • Save and mark waste to be used for family meal or in a special.
    • If there is no use for the product or it has become substandard for our consumption, ensure that it is recorded in the waste log.
    • Be aware that there is a use for almost all waste, i.e. scraps from vegetable dicing and bones from chicken butchery can be used for stock as well.
  • Monitor labor and adjust based on sales.
  • Hold all staff members to their schedule.
    • Do not allow anyone to clock in early or be late without proper excuse.
    • An employee must call in within two hours of their shift if they are going to be late or not be able to make it at all. Anything less than this is grounds for a write-up, no matter the excuse.
  • Direct all food production so that it may be completed in a timely fashion.
  • Have the ability to work any station in the restaurant as needed.
  • When necessary, be able to count and produce a true inventory for your department.
    • Always take the time to update pricing in the inventory sheet to most accurately reflect the latest price an item has been purchased at.
    • Count items in the way we purchase or track them.
      • For instance, if we buy meat by the pound then that is how it should be counted; oil, however, should be counted by the gallon.
    • Never take shortcuts when doing inventory, an incomplete or false inventory is not only negligent but costs the restaurant money.

Compensation Details

Compensation: Salary (Based on Experience)

Required Skills

Developing a Proper Culture

Arriving to Work Daily With a Consistent Positive Demeanor

Holding Oneself and Others Accountable for Following Proper Procedures

Coaching Team Members

Proper Communication of Expectations

Being Assertive Yet Showing Modesty and Empathy

Using Positive Reinforcement

Providing Constructive Criticism

Being Team Oriented

Monitoring Station Workbooks

Monitoring Food Storage

Ensuring Quality of Products Used

Maintaining Fifo Standards

Following Recipes Precisely

Maintaining Food Quality and Consistency

Thinking and Acting With Forward Momentum

Responsible Purchasing

Taking Inventory and Replenishing Set Pars

Communicating Orders Effectively

Checking Pricing of Items When Ordering

Dealing With Substandard Products

Developing Plans for Food Waste Usage

Monitoring and Adjusting Labor Based on Sales

Holding Staff Members to Schedule

Directing Food Production in a Timely Manner

Ability to Work All Stations in the Restaurant

Ability to Count and Produce Accurate Inventory

Updating Pricing in Inventory Sheet Accurately

Counting Items in the Appropriate Unit of Measurement

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