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Director of Operations
Atelier Crenn
3127 Filmore St, San Francisco, CA 94123
Atelier Crenn hiring Director of Operations in San Francisco, CA

Atelier Crenn hiring Director of Operations in San Francisco, CA

Atelier CrennMore Info

Full Time • Salary ($120k - $140k)
Expired: Dec 17, 2023

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Required Years of Experience

1 year

Job Details

MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES: The Director of Operations is responsible for leading, managing, and overseeing all operational aspects of Crenn Dining Groups current restaurants. This role is the mediator of information between our restaurants and the CDG ownership. He or she will actively work to strengthen and grow the culture, paying particular attention to organizational health and the entire employee and guest experience.

Responsibilities:This role will focus on Revenue, Costs, Customer Experience, Employee Experience and Operational Efficiencies.  For each category, the objective is to teach and mentor the management team (with focus on the CDG team, General Managers and Executive Chefs) so they can positively affect all six areas. During your onboarding period, you will collect information and present a current status report for each restaurant, followed by a strategy and goal setting exercise to identify high level management priorities.


  • Attend all manager meetings for each restaurant. Ensure the restaurant management teams are focused on maximizing the guest experience while increasing check average.  Additionally, ensure that restaurant management teams are focused on managing food, beverage, and labor costs that balances maximizing guest experience and restaurant profitability.
  • Work with culinary and beverage teams to develop new food & beverage experiences for guests to help drive traffic and check average.  This is to include not only daily practices, but also special ticketed events, buyouts, promotions, and retail sales. 
  • Work with the Management teams of each restaurant to minimize spending on controllable expenses and create uniformed systems through which these can be tracked. 
  • Build annual budgets, targets, and financial goals for each restaurant.  These budgets should be based off of previous years  information, while pushing the teams to achieve new goals. Throughout the year, these numbers are to be analyzed and corrected when appropriate.         
  • Review P&L’s each month with the CDG Directors, as well as each restaurants Management teams. Mentor managers on how better to understand financial data and how to use that data to operate more efficiently. 
  • Monitor food, beverage and labor costs at each restaurant to ensure team is staying within the budget parameters throughout the month.
  • Process payroll at the end of every pay period. During  this process you should review overtime hours and rates of pay.  
  • Balance the cash weekly at each CDG property. When appropriate, refill the Chef’s market bags and the FOH’s petty cash. Deposits at Chase bank should also be made when needed. 

Employee Experience:

  • Attend all manager meetings at each restaurant. Ensure the restaurant management team is focused on recruiting and retaining the best employees. Oversee continuous training and education programs for employees.
  • Conduct one on one meetings throughout the month with General Managers for each restaurant, as well as one on one monthly meetings with the Beverage Director, and then with the Executive Chef for CDG. 
  • Ensure constructive communication occurs between FOH managers and BOH managers at each restaurant.
  • Evaluate the performance of top level managers at each restaurant (CDC, GM, Bev Director)  Assist in the creation of a consistent system for evaluations throughout CDG.  Make sure to train staff on proper review strategy and goal setting, as well as how to document each review appropriately. 
  • Provide feedback and mentor General Managers and Chef’s on how to perform reviews, write ups, and disciplinary actions related to coaching and counseling.
  • Annually review all new hire documentation and handbook material from each restaurant.  

Human Resources and Culture Building:

  • Make Crenn Dining Group the best place to work in San Francisco.  This includes company benefits that push industry standards, competitive rates of pay that reflect our service included model, consistent educational opportunities, and enthusiasm for what we do. 
  • Constantly look for new ways to show appreciation to our team members.  
  • Propose company package that are competitive with the current markets
  • Standardize and streamline hiring, disciplinary actions, performance evaluations, and rate of pay/position changes across all CDG restaurants.
  • Be directly responsible for the recruitment and hiring of upper level Management at each CDG location. This includes conducting  interviews, stages, and discussion of compensation and benefits. This is in conjunction with the other CDG Directors, as well as the Managing Partners and Ownership. 
  • Be an expert in communication and coaching 

Operational Efficiencies:

  • Manage the operational needs of each restaurant involving maintenance, repairs, and capital improvements. This includes maintaining relationships with our current contractors, as well as reaching out to meet new candidates. Projects need to be organized and monitored, while also delegating daily responsibility to management at a restaurant  level. 
  • Provide the tools each restaurant needs for success. Don’t let things remain unfixed or unattended for any length of time. 
  • Ensure compliance with all regulatory controls/laws for each restaurant. This includes setting a schedule for renewed permits, licenses, and health department information. 
  • Build efficient process that are communicated to manager 
  • Improve and follow our company culture and value 

Communicate and map a decision making process that allow to inform the owner and empower the team to make decisions.

Qualities Required

  • Must be able to life 50 pounds. 
  • Must be able to occasionally climb up and down staircase. 

Compensation Details

$120,000 - $140,000 per year

Required Skills




Restaurant Operations

organizational health

Customer Experience

employee experience

operational efficiencies

Operational Efficiency

Financial Management

Financial Analysis


Data Analysis

Cost Management

Payroll Processing

culinary development

Beverage Development

Cash Handling

Food and Beverage Sales


Expense tracking


Performance Evaluation

Human Resources Management

Culture Building

communication coaching

Training and Education

Maintenance management

contractor management

Human Resources


Decision Making



Capital Improvements

Regulatory Compliance

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Fine Dining

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Part of Crenn Dining Group

Dominique Crenn is the chef and owner of the three-Michelin-starred restaurant Atelier Crenn in San Francisco, where artistry is at the forefront, cuisine is a craft, and the community is an inspiration. “Atelier” can be defined as a workshop or studio, a concept that drives Chef Crenn’s modern vision for fine French cuisine. Her highly distinctive French heritage and imaginative gastronomic lair behind the stove at Atelier Crenn is a clear reflection of her unique life story.

Driven by her passion to create a deeply personal project, Crenn opened Atelier Crenn, a place to express her heritage as well as an ode to “poetic culinaria,” in January 2011. Atelier Crenn achieved its first Michelin Star within a year, in October of 2011. In the following year, Crenn made history again when Atelier Crenn received its second Michelin Star, becoming the first female chef in the US to receive this honor. In November 2018, Crenn beat her own record and became the first female chef in the US to receive three Michelin Stars.

Atelier Crenn celebrates California's rich bounty, highlighting plants, fish, and seafood from the region. Guests embark on a journey that guides them through different places and times, and introduces indigenous plants, practices, and influences that are the essence to the state. Each section of the menu highlights the beauty of California’s landscape both geographically and culturally.

IG: @atelier.crenn

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