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Restaurant Gary Danko
800 North Point St, San Francisco, CA 94109
Restaurant Gary Danko hiring Captain in San Francisco, CA

Restaurant Gary Danko hiring Captain in San Francisco, CA

Restaurant Gary DankoMore Info

Full Time • Hourly ($16.99) plus tips
Expired: Apr 16, 2023

Sorry, this job expired on Apr 16, 2023. Below are other jobs that may be of interest to you.

Required Years of Experience

5 years

Job Details

Restaurant Gary Danko is accepting resumes for Captains.

This position's purpose is to perform the highest level of dining room service. 

This position is divided into three different types of activities.  

  1. Set up (10% of time) During this time the Captain is setting up their station as outlined in the side work / set up list. (Detailing their station, performing station specific side-work, etc…)
  2. Service (70% of time) The Captain is in their assigned station attending to their guests. Tasks are listed but not limited to the following.
    • Greeting their guests at the table, ensuring the cocktail order is filled, the water service occurs, the Amuse is fired, the menu is introduced, etc.
    • Taking the guest order, firing the order to the kitchen, timing wine service.
    • Clearing, firing, and marking tables, and attending to their guests as they progress through their dining experience.
    • Controlling their station and performing all necessary tasks of service consistent with the guidelines of Michelin, Relais & Chateaux and the standards of Restaurant Gary Danko
    • Ensuring cheese service and dessert service occur in a timely fashion.
    • Performing coffee, and tea service.
    • Closing the table, collecting all monies due the restaurant and bidding their guests farewell.
  3. Clean up (15% of time) During this time the Captain is cleaning their workstation (as you go), breaking down and resetting their station and completing their end of night side work as prescribed by their station assignment. The Captain must rectify their Cash and credit card drop, closing paperwork, etc, and sign out with the closing manager prior to leaving.
  4. Other duties as assigned (5% of time).

This position requires someone who works well under pressure while meeting multiple and conflicting deadlines, while maintaining grace and a hospitable demeanor to guests, fellow employees and patrons.  The Captain must exude warm welcome, charm and hospitality at a level consistent with the standards set by Restaurant Gary Danko, Relais & Châteaux and Michelin.  Furthermore this position must demonstrate cooperative behavior with colleagues, supervisors and patrons.

The Captain must successfully complete a company-training program including, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Location of all equipment and supplies necessary to complete required tasks (all employees take responsibility for notifying their manager when supplies are running low)
  • Understanding restaurant flow and organization.
  • Detailed knowledge of menu items and food preparation techniques, the ability to describe such upon request.
  • Must understand the function and flow of the restaurant, how all positions interact together for a flawless service.
  • Purpose and focus of this position and the mechanics necessary to accomplish this purpose.
  • The ability to manage their tables and their station in a sophisticated manner consistent with the standards and image of Restaurant Gary Danko

This Position is supervised by the President, General Manager, Maitre’d, and other restaurant Management personnel (in that order).  It is further guided and critiqued by restaurant Captains with time seniority.

Written guidelines include; Employee Handbook, Employee Training Manual, Job Description, Training Program Outline, side-work and setup lists, other materials as needed.

This position has a moderate to high degree of difficulty.  Complexity exists in the position's ability to work as a team member (many tasks that this position accomplishes are done in a synchronized manner with other employees).  This position has the most direct interaction with restaurant patrons and thus is responsible for the overall impression of their guests.

 The Captain has personal contact with the following people

  • Sous Chef and kitchen personnel, necessary to coordinate and expedite plates, honor special requests, and organize ticket fires.
  • Food runners necessary to coordinate and synchronize plate service
  • Other restaurant Captains and Front of House positions necessary to insure special requests are fulfilled and timing issues are addressed.
  • Owner, General Manager and Maitre’d in a supervisory and directive role.
  • Restaurants guests and patrons as service occurs and in functions necessary to service.

These contacts are necessary to accomplish the requirements of restaurant service (serving food and beverages to patrons).

This job is performed in two differing environments; the kitchen (back of the house), and dining room (front of the house).  Complexity is added to this position by the necessary and instant switch in bearing, demeanor and movement when crossing between the two environments.

 This Position reports to the General Manager, Maitre’d, and other restaurant managers.

 Qualifications for this position include

  • A High School Diploma, or GED.
  • A minimum of 5 years experience in a service oriented restaurant.

Desirable additional qualifications include

  • The ability to think and react quickly under pressure.
  • A personality type consistent with the image of the restaurant.
  • Knowledge of food, wine, and service.
  • Experience at a restaurant of similar caliber.

The ability to manage their work station       

All those interested in submitting their application along with their availability please email your resume and cover letter to [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.


Management Team of Gary Danko.

Compensation Details

Compensation: Hourly ($16.99) plus tips

Estimated Weekly Tips: $1,600

Benefits & Perks: Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Paid Time Off, Commuter Benefits, Potential Bonuses, Dining Discounts

Required Skills

Can Lift Up to 50 Lbs

Service Procedures

Beer Knowledge

Wine Service

Coffee Knowledge

Customer Service

Fine Dining Service

Food and Beverage Pairing

Food Safety Knowledge

Glassware Knowledge

Inventory Management

POS Systems

TIPS Certified

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