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LANDED - Austin hiring Team Member in Austin, TX

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Full/Part Time • Salary/Hourly ($15.00 - $18.00)
Expired: Feb 10, 2023

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Required Years of Experience

0-1 years

Job Details
Our Partner, ZIKI, is HIRING IMMEDIATELY via LANDED for Team Members!

Job DetailsTeam Member
Our vision is simple — become the fastest-growing restaurant company on the planet.
ZIKI is a fast-casual restaurant serving Greek & Mexican fusion. We are scaling the purest, natural, and earthly ingredients out of our self-manufactured modular restaurants.

ZIKI touches almost every industry — food, brand, real estate, agriculture, manufacturing, supply chain, software, logistics, and technology. This is a large, global-scale, multi-decade conquest.

Just as Tesla re-thought what a car is — ZIKI is re-thinking restaurants from the ground up (modularity, the layout of kitchen, windows, how they feel inside, how they feel outside, chef flow, ordering flow, how people order, how they pick up — we are constantly rethinking all aspects.) This is one of the reasons we share investors with the same group that put over $1B into SpaceX, and several of Elon's other projects such as Neuralink, and the Boring Co.

  • You are responsible for clocking in and out in a timely manner for each day of work.
  • You are responsible for bagging all items in a clean and orderly fashion.
  • You are responsible for monitoring levels of food during your shift and for refilling the lines effectively (cold line / hotline).
  • You are responsible for monitoring the presentation of food for each menu item upon the bagging of such items.
  • You are responsible for monitoring the usability of all equipment in the restaurant.
  • You are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of equipment, food rooms, food containers, shelving, and refrigeration, inside the restaurant.
  • You are responsible for communicating if food labels are properly on food containers.
  • You are responsible for checking expiration dates and spoilage on all goods.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that all customers have a pleasant experience when interacting with you.
  • You are responsible for always wearing proper uniforms (black hat, black shirt, black pants, non-slip shoes) and keeping up with personal hygiene (in line with ZIKI kitchen codes).
  • You are responsible for checking in with the kitchen captain as to anyone issues in the modular unit.
  • You are responsible for always wearing gloves when preparing goods and serving food.
  • You are responsible for washing your apron and ZIKI clothing on a regular basis.
  • You are responsible for perpetual cleaning of the ZIKI restaurant location you are at AFTER EACH TASK (need to clean as you go, rather than wait until end-of-shift to clean everything) - clean under mats, clean shelves, clean racks, clean cabinets, mop all of the floor, clean tables, clean and dry dishes, knives, all equipment/surfaces.
  • You must give 48 hours' notice for taking off of work.
  • You are allowed a break to eat food during your shift for a total of 30 minutes.
  • You are responsible for having a food manager’s license.
  • With catering, you are responsible for:
  • Receiving catering orders via the ZIKI iPad. Clearly communicate order details to kitchen staff in a digestible way.
  • Printing out catering slips before catering company arrives to designate what orders are for which clients. Attach the slips to the appropriate orders whether the slips have adhesive, or you need to cut them individually with the paper cutter and use the 3M tape.
  • Placing all completed orders in a blocked-out location to make your job and the driver’s job as convenient as possible - keep in mind, these drivers can make just as poor of comments online as the consumer.
  • When morning shift, you are responsible for making sure to also:
  • Prep foods in food warmer effectively and consistently as in line with commands from the Kitchen Captain and Head of Food Quality
  • Open flaps of any windows
  • Turn on all equipment
  • Turn on lights
  • Make sure doors are unlocked
  • Put up any necessary, outside signs required for your location
  • Turn on the speaker and play music - if your location has such a thing
  • When evening shift, you are responsible for making sure to also:
  • Conduct inventory counts and communicate order requests from the Commissary with partnering kitchen staff members during your shift (meaning - order from the Commissary what the gap is between the current inventory and the suggested par)
  • Break down the restaurant to prepare the opening shift for the next day for success.
  • Keep a well-organized kitchen space where items are clearly compartmentalized, and the organization structure is rather easy to see.

  • Excellent communicator and service-oriented individual.
  • Detailed and deep kitchen experience and used to managing order rushes in a timely manner with a crew of kitchen staff members.

Compensation Details

Compensation: Salary/Hourly ($15.00 - $18.00)

Benefits & Perks: Potential Bonuses

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Full/Part Time • Salary/Hourly (Based on Experience)
Require min. 0-1 years of experience

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