Culinary Agents Addresses Hospitality Talent Shortage with Employer Branding Solutions

October 01, 2019

New York, NY – Culinary Agents has released a suite of employer branding solutions making it easier for talent to discover employers, opportunities and relevant career-related information.

The record number of restaurants and dining establishments opening, coupled with low unemployment rates in the U.S. has resulted in a power shift from businesses to talent across all positions in the hospitality industry. While talent seemingly have the upper hand, the lack of credible information available often leads to a frustrating job search experience or can result in a journey down the wrong path of employment entirely.

“Years of listening, understanding and observing industry trends related to hospitality jobs made it apparent that workforce behavior was evolving, but the available tools and technology were nonexistent. Resources weren't readily available for job seekers to find decision-making information and what was found, rarely pointed to career development, skills or longevity. Craigslist drove much of this nonchalant behavior prohibiting professionalism for both talent and businesses.” says CEO and Founder, Alice Cheng.

Now, after seven years of supporting the industry, incorporating feedback and anticipating needs, Culinary Agents offers exclusive, community-powered features aimed at simplifying how businesses and talent connect.

“By allowing talent to search for companies and jobs based on what matters most to them, we strive to improve their overall experience while also offering each business the opportunity to put its best foot forward.”

Most recently added to the Culinary Agents toolbox is Employee Recommendations, giving talent the ability to share from experience where employers excel, providing valuable and trusted insights for potential candidates. In addition, the “I Want To Work Here” feature allows talent to proactively drop off their digital resumes, enabling them to get in front of hiring teams even if no jobs are currently posted for a business. This complimentary feature also gives businesses the benefit of keeping an open candidate pipeline for future consideration.

“The industry trusts us to incorporate their feedback and to act with a sense of urgency. We are proud that Culinary Agents is able to step in to make more industry information transparent and accessible.” Cheng concludes.

Culinary Agents is a website to find career-related information about the hospitality industry. Focused on its mission to help talent succeed in their careers within the hospitality industry, the platform empowers aspiring and existing talent to easily discover and apply to the best jobs. Culinary Agents also provides job marketing, recruiting and employer branding solutions to help businesses hire the best talent.

Culinary Agents is committed to a hospitality-driven approach, thoughtful innovation, building meaningful relationships and maintaining integrity. Its growing community spans the U.S., including all levels of talent as well as restaurants, hotels, resorts, catering, foodservice, schools and organizations of all sizes. For more information, please visit

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