Culinary Agents Announces New Hosted Career Pages for Businesses

September 19, 2017

New York, NY – Culinary Agents has released a new tool for businesses to promote job opportunities on their own websites, integrating the application management tools that the Culinary Agents’ platform provides with the consistent look and feel of each unique employer brand.

With this tool, businesses can embed a Career Page as a mini-site within their website that then displays the jobs they have posted on with real-time updates. The Career Page enables the business to have a single source repository for applications and allows it to promote opportunities to its site’s visitors.

“Consistent branding is not only critical to the customers you serve, but also to the talent you want to hire. With over 260 of our business customers utilizing our custom, curated Career Pages, we wanted to offer a free, DIY option so that smaller and growing businesses could also benefit. As a tech company, we also acknowledge that website development for hospitality businesses is not a top priority among their daily operations, so we set out to create a simple and easy tool that doesn’t require you to be an IT-expert to implement.” says Alice Cheng, Founder and CEO of Culinary Agents.

As part of the concerted effort to streamline and simplify the integration of the Career Page for each business’s website, Culinary Agents has made the code compatible with BentoBox, Squarespace and Wordpress, popular platforms which many hospitality businesses use to host their sites.

Culinary Agents is the leading job-matching and professional online network designed for the Hospitality Industry; trusted by 300K members and over 15,000 businesses nationwide. Culinary Agents supports all types of food service establishments, catering businesses, specialty retail stores, and hotels, as well as schools and non-profit organizations in the hotel, restaurant and catering industry (HoReCa) industry.

The strength of Culinary Agents’ platform is in its technology and reach. Through its website, Culinary Agents provides businesses with an efficient, cost effective way to source HoReCa talent for jobs of all levels; from distribution to applicant tracking, the platform creates a one-stop shop for managing the candidate pipeline. At the same time, Culinary Agents enables job seekers to represent themselves professionally, pinpoint appropriate job opportunities, and find resources to help fuel their careers. For more information, please visit

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