Noble Food and Pursuits

Charlotte, NC


You might know Noble Food and Pursuits first as a group of restaurants where you can always find a good meal. Which is great; we are committed to being among the best in the world, operating relaxed, comfortable restaurants that nonetheless serve thoughtful, well-executed food. We view every interaction with our team, our purveyors, and our guests as an opportunity to use our gifts and talents to serve others with excellence.

But really, we’re in the restoration business. As every restaurant should be: the very word “restaurant” comes from the word “to restore.” It was used first as a name for hearty broths taken to help regain one’s strength and later for the establishments that sold them along the streets of Paris. The modern restaurant, now recognized as a place to enjoy good food and wine in a social setting, was first and foremost a place to find renewal.

That’s why we’ve chosen to call ourselves noble food & pursuits. We seek first to take care of people, to revive their spirit in some way, to satisfy a need. Honest care for others is fundamental to every pursuit we undertake—whether at the supper table or beyond it.

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