Paco Restaurant Group

Washington, DC


Growth is at the very heart of Paco Restaurant Group. Personal and professional growth, yes. Growth of the businesses, of course. But also the growth of the scope, profile and importance of Latin and South American cooking in the consciousness of the American diner. To D.C.-based, James Beard Award nominated chef Victor Albisu and his restaurants, food and hospitality are more than enterprise; they are an opportunity for understanding, exploration and cultural exchange.

From reinvented street-style tacos that marry the bustle of Mexico City with the funk of a Southeast Asian night market, to sophisticated presentations of South American asado culture and contemporary Mexican fine dining, Paco Restaurant Group is home to opportunities for dedicated, ambitious kitchen and front-of-house professionals of all experience levels. We believe that employee training and development leads to transporting guest experiences, and take pride in assisting our staff in realizing their career objectives.

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