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We are Atmosfy App, Inc. We're the fastest-growing platform globally for live video of dining, nightlife, & travel.We help support local businesses globally by enabling creators to share their experiences. Explore 10K+ cities with their own local video feeds in 150 countries. See what’s happening in your city and around the world to find the perfect experience.But inspiring a global audience through mouth watering videos of maple syrup dripping off chicken and waffles or FOMO inducing nightclubs is hard work. That's why we employ the most creative, passionate people in the industry.

Our team draws on talented people who have worked at best-in-class companies such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. We're backed by world-class investors including global superstar, Kygo.Check us out on the App Store or Google Play to learn more about our mission to share experiences, inspire others, and support local businesses around the world.

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Job Opportunities

Restaurant Consultant
Atmosfy, Inc
Part Time • Hourly ($40.00 - $60.00)
San Francisco, CA • Media
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