Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO, United States

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Colorado State University is a public research university located in Fort Collins, in the U.S. state of Colorado. The university is the state's land gr... Read more

Students (5)
  • Antonio Veira
    Executive Sous Chef
    multiple cities
  • Shianne Wills
    Fort Collins, CO
  • Connor Duncan
    Lead Server
    Waukegan, IL
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Alumni (192)
  • Gerald Pearson
    Bartender- Closer
    New York, NY
  • Sherry Johnson
    Nashville, TN
  • Ann Stecker
    Assistant Winemaker/General Manager
    Boulder, CO
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Hospitality Career Paths
Leaders who are alumni or have worked here
  • Adam Monette
    Partner, Founder
    Flagstaff House Restaurant, American Poppers
Employees (10)
  • Elyssa Yanas
    Events Manager
  • Dylan Hartung
    Desk Staff
    Aug 2017—Present
  • Jasmine Dillon
    Assistant Professor
  • Current (3) 
     Former (7)