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San Francisco, CA

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Outstanding Wine, Beer, or Spirits Professional
2015 - Rajat Parr

Mina Group Inc. (http://MichaelMina.net) is a San Francisco-based restaurant management company specializing in creating and operating upscale, innovative restaurant concep... Read more

Followers (89)
  • Allen Prom
    Accounting / Bookkeeper
    Denver, CO
  • Shawndra McCrorey
    Beverage Director
    San Francisco, CA
  • Stephanie Peterson
    Las Vegas, NV
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Hospitality Career Paths
Leaders who currently or have previously worked here
  • Mike Rafidi
    Owner, Chef
    MLR Consulting, Albi, Yellow, La’ Shukran
  • Mike Wadja
    Director of Culinary Development and Operations
    Weyland Ventures, Toogie's Table & Common Bond Hotel Collection
  • Morgan Schick
    Co-Founder, Principal & Freelance Consultant
    Jupiter Olympus, There There Co
Employees (48)
  • Eric Perlin
    Operations Manager
    Jan 2011—Present
  • Sandy Lee
    Director of Human Resources
    Mar 2013—Present
  • Andrea Cammarata
    Human Resources
    Sep 2013—Present
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