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Our restaurant group was founded on traditional Italian principles; the notion that food is best left to its simple beauty, that the dining experience should be shared with... Read more

Followers (134)
  • Alice Cheng
    Founder & CEO
    New York, NY
  • Penny Davidi
    Executive Chef
    Los Angeles
  • Kristin McCouch
    Sous Chef
    Philadelphia, PA
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Hospitality Career Paths
Leaders who currently or have previously worked here
  • Samantha Sherman
    The Hampton Grocer
  • Jason Neve
    Oak Spring Garden Foundation
  • Jeffrey Porter
    Learning the Vines Consulting - Hospitality & Beverage Consulting
Employees (36)
  • Joy reuben
    Assistant Kitchen Manager
    Mar 2003—Present
  • Raymond Caprio Jr
    Floor Manager
    Aug 2011—Present
  • Mark Berkner
    Culinary Director
    Sep 2011—Present
  • Current (17) 
     Former (19)