Walnut Hill College

4207 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA, United States

College / University - Degree Program

11-25 Employees • 21 on Culinary Agents


Founded in 1974 as The Restaurant School; Walnut Hill College is one of Philadelphia’s first colleges to focus on excellence in hospitality education. We prepare our studen... Read more

Students (46)
  • Sophia Patrone
    Host / Hostess
    Philadelphia County, PA
  • Gabrielle Donoso-Thomas

    Philadelphia, PA
  • Adam Dameus
    Cook I
    Philadelphia, PA
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Alumni (175)
  • Max Lavizzo-Mourey
    Executive Chef
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Ryan Sowell
    Sous Chef
    Magnolia, NJ
  • dan luckey
    Executive Sous Chef
    Napa Valley, CA
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Followers (20)
  • Ingrid Blackwell
    Center of Culinary Enterprises ~ Kitchen Assistant - Contractor
    Greater Philadelphia Area
  • Kevin Kleinschmidt
    Human Resources
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Laura McLaren
    Talent Acquisition Specialist

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Jobs for Students & Alumni (49)
Inspirational Career Timelines
Industry leaders who are alumni or have worked here
  • Jennifer Carroll
    Chef and Owner
    Spice Finch
  • Alessandra Altieri
    Director of Operations
    Ralph Lauren Corporation
Employees (21)
  • Michael Louis
    Student Worker
    Sep 2012—Present
  • Riana Marshall
    Line Cook
    Aug 2014—Present
  • Paul Garberson
    Production Cook
    Nov 2014—Present
  • Current (9) 
     Former (12)