Boka Catering Group

Chicago, IL, United States

Event Catering

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We provide the ultimate catering experience for any event requiring restaurant quality service and cuisine in even the most demanding locations. More than just food on a pl... Read more

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  • Kate Staley
    Catering Manager
    Chicago, IL
  • Chris Kyles
    Chicago, IL
  • danielle sander
    Accounting / Bookkeeper
    Chicago, IL
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  • Kristine Basas
    Human Resources Manager
    Boka Restaurant Group
  • Kevin Boehm
    Boka Restaurant Group
  • Taylor Crowley
    Director of Sales & Marketing
    Boka Restaurant Group
Employees (46)
  • Alexandra Wright
    Private Event Staff
  • Morgan Mesi
    Jul 2013—Present
  • Adam Daniels
    Dec 2014—Present
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