The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

1799 Southeast 17th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

Certification & Training Program

2 Employees on Culinary Agents


(954) 463-3000

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Students (0)
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Alumni (108)
  • Richard Lopez
    Chef de Cuisine
    San Bruno, CA
  • Richard Lopez
    Culinary professional
    San Bruno, CA
  • Allison Palmer
    Exceptional Executive Sous Chef
    Newton Falls, OH
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      Hospitality Career Paths
      Leaders who are alumni or have worked here
      • Jamie Bissonnette
        Chef Partner
        Somaek, Temple Records Bar, Sushi at Temple Records
      Employees (2)
      • Steve Sabatino
        Culinary Instructor
        Oct 2013—Sep 2015
      • James Joseph III
        Teaching Assistant
        Aug 2011—Sep 2012
      • Former (2)