Son of a Gun

8370 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA, United States


Casual Dining, Restaurant Group

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The hip, nautical-themed restaurant known for its shrimp toast, lobster roll & fried chicken sandwich.

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Followers (62)
  • Kimberle Wade
    Operations Manager
    Chicago, IL
  • Charbit Philippe
    Chef de Cuisine
    United States
  • Emily Tam
    Marketing Coordinator
    Chicago, IL
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Leaders who currently or have previously worked here
  • Helen Johannesen
    Partner and Beverage Director
    Helen's Wines and Jon & Vinny's
Employees (39)
  • Matthew Gomez
    Aug 2014—Present
  • Jacob Bond
    Jun 2017—Present
  • Forrest Florsheim
    Sous Chef
    Sep 2018—Present
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     Former (35)