Pizzeria Mozza

641 North Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Pizza, Italian

Upscale Casual

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Outstanding Chef
2014 - Nancy Silverton

Pizzeria Mozza is a bustling, urban burst of flavor and color. Open seven days a week, Pizzeria Mozza is a perfect atmosphere & dash; whether it be a business lunch or late night snack...

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  • Daniele Volpi
    Executive Chef
    San Francisco, CA
  • Dave Caplan

    Las Vegas
  • Sam Schamberg
    General Manager
    Los Angeles, CA
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Open (3)
  • Front of House Manager

    Type: Full Time
    Min. Required Experience: 2 years
    Compensation: Hourly (Based on Experience)
  • Food Runner

    Type: Full/Part Time
    Min. Required Experience: 1 year
    Compensation: Hourly (Based on Experience)
  • Line Cook

    Type: Full Time
    Min. Required Experience: 0-1 years
    Compensation: Hourly (Based on Experience)
  • General Manager

    Sean Maloney

Hospitality Career Paths
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  • Jason Neve
    Oak Spring Garden Foundation
  • Jeffrey Porter
    Learning the Vines Consulting - Hospitality & Beverage Consulting
Employees (38)
  • Humberto Humberto
    May 2012—Present
  • Joben Herrera
    Aug 2017—Present
  • Stephanie Jimenez
    Mar 2019—Present
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