The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

1000 Volunteer Blvd SW, Knoxville, TN, United States

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(865) 974-1000
Founded in 1794, UT is big on tradition, and we are proud of our humble beginnings as the first public university chartered west of the Appalachian Div... Read more

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Students (17)
  • John Childs
    Waiter / Waitress
    Nashville, TN
  • David Cobb

  • Nathan Breedlove
    Executive Chef
    Washington, DC
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Alumni (68)
  • Cullan Hartness

    Nashville, TN
  • John McKee
    Brooklyn, NY
  • Kathryn Dill

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Followers (1)
  • Michael Witzman
    General Manager
    Germantown, TN
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      Industry leaders who are alumni or have worked here
      • Bryan Dayton
        Proprietor/Beverage Director
        Oak at Fourteenth, Acorn, Corrida
      Employees (2)
      • Felicia Qualls
        Project Manager
        Apr 2017—Aug 2018
      • Gordon Kutil
        Freelance Graphic Designer and Teacher's Assistant
        Dec 2007—Jun 2008
      • Former (2)