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Frequently asked questions
A Career Page acts like a mini-site within your website that displays the jobs you post on CulinaryAgents.com with real-time updates, allowing you to promote opportunities to join your team to your site visitors.

Quick and easy setup
You’ll be done in minutes and you don’t need an IT department to do it!

Real-time updates for your job openings
When you add/edit jobs posted on CulinaryAgents.com, we’ll automatically update the jobs that appear on your Career Page.

Optimized, organic search results for more candidates
We do the heavy lifting for you - distributing your jobs to major job aggregator sites and the proprietary network of Culinary Agents.

Simple application process
A Career Page makes it easier for candidates to apply. Using the one-click application process, members of the Culinary Agents professional network can apply and then you can easily manage them via your Culinary Agents Business profile. (Joining the Culinary Agents network is free and members can signup with their LinkedIn, Facebook or Google accounts.)
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Adding a Career Page to your site is FREE - there are no fees or additional costs to add a Career Page to your site. This feature is included when you post jobs on CulinaryAgents.com.
Our code is compatible with all HTML-based sites. Simply copy-and-paste the code onto your webpage.
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Yes, The Culinary Agents' Career Page product is designed to be ADA-compliant** with accessibility support for persons with low vision and persons with limited dexterity who need to be able to navigate a website using a keyboard instead of a mouse.
(** based on WCAG 2.0 guidelines)
  1. Setup your business profile on CulinaryAgents.com
  2. Post your jobs on CulinaryAgents.com
  3. Get the code for your Career Page (on this webpage) and add it to your website
Your Career Page has many customizable options to match the design of your website, including the background color, font colors, font styles and button colors.
Great news, you don't need to take any special steps to change the font! Our code is setup to inherit the font style used on your website automatically.
If you would like to promote jobs from multiple businesses on one page, please contact our team for a custom package.