Eddy Leroux

Eddy Leroux

Executive Chef at Daniel

I’m in love with this profession because the creativity is endless. Finding new methods, new ingredients and transforming them into a beautiful dish is extremely rewarding.

I always encourage my team to observe and be creative. Come prepared with your tools and be ready to watch closely and learn. This is the best way to develop your skills.
We look for young chefs that have passion and the basic technique, whether it is from formal education or self taught. When you know what you want, it fuels your energy to reach your goals.
I find inspiration from my team. I spend a lot of time observing and learning from them.
Travel is one of my most important educational tools. I taste, smell, observe everywhere I go and when I come back to the kitchen, I create dishes based on what I’ve experienced. It excites my inner creativity and helps me develop new menus.
In our industry, you must start at bottom but your genuine motivation, passion for the food and commitment to your job will help you excel in your career.
Tama Matsuoka is a forager. While working with her on a book, she taught me to discover many new flavors that were not familiar to my pallet and how to develop new recipes using these ingredients.
The Ipad Pro and a stylus pencil is one of the best new tools. I can type out the recipe and draw the new dish with description and email or text it directly to my team. It never gets lost and saves a lot of time.
Food Lover's Companion is always in my back pocket. It is updated so often that I am always learning about new things and the seasonality of ingredients.

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