Diane Moua

Diane Moua

Executive Pastry Chef for Cooks of Crocus Hill

This job is me, it's all I know. I am fortunate to continually be inspired by the people around me – the people I work with.

I've had some amazing mentors, including Adrienne Odom, the first Pastry Chef I worked under, and Michelle Gayer, the second Pastry Chef I worked with - I learned from the best and both are very talented. They taught me to constantly keep pushing and learning. There is no end to learning. Gavin Kaysen and I have only worked with each other for a few months, but his drive and motivation are unbelievable. His leadership skills are great and it keeps you wanting to learn more and do better every day!
The best advice I've received is to be true to yourself and you will continue to grow.
There's no looking back. Always move forward and work harder than before.
I did a quick stage at Restaurant Daniel and Café Boulud before starting at Spoon and Stable. It was very memorable and life changing. The drive and motivation the team leaders had to lead their teams was incredible.
I keep my team motivated by instilling the value of teamwork! Surrounding myself with talented people and bouncing ideas off of each other keeps the motivation alive.
I continue to educate myself by looking up to my mentors and many great Pastry Chefs. I read and watch what everyone is doing, from magazines to social media to local Pastry Chefs in town. So Good magazine is great! They highlight some of the best Pastry Chefs in the world, sharing ideas and recipes.

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